It’s really not as bad as it sounds.

Hear me out. “Overhyped” isn’t such a terrible word. By definition, it means to make exaggerated claims and publicise or promote excessively. That doesn’t sound great, but do you know what it does sound like? Hard work and money spent on marketing. As a content marketer myself, if I was accused of overhyping my client’s product or service, it’d be a massive win. I’d pop open a glass of champagne.

Personally, I’m used to being told I’m too much this, or too little that. And quite honestly, it’s almost always a load of crap and sometimes even a little bit…

How video games with customisation options can promote personal growth

Unfortunately, no video game is going to allow you to access 100% of your brain’s abilities, Limitless-style. Games can, however, have a seriously powerful effect on your personal growth. At this point, it’s almost impossible for the harshest critic to deny that fact.

Games give you the opportunity to step outside yourself — or further into yourself, whichever you decide. While pre-made characters have their own distinct benefits like learning through the experiences and opinions of another, carefully constructed perspective, characters customised by you become an extension of yourself.

Nowadays, customisation in games has extended far past simply personalising your…

Stay connected. Avoid the Outage (Short Story)

Photo by Ali Pazani from Pexels

Standing in the cold, her jacket wrapped tightly around her, Jasmine waited for her date. She’d gotten there early to scope out their meeting spot, a tactical move that meant he’d have to approach her, and she wouldn’t have to awkwardly look for him herself. Minimal effort. If there’s one thing she’d learnt, it’s that pictures on dating apps were almost always a lie.

Sitting down outside of a cafe, she pulled up his profile on her Lens, sneaking one last peek. At least he hadn’t deleted his profile and vanished just yet. She swiped rapidly on the familiar interface…

The rise of protagonists in the professional world

Photo by Cowomen on Unsplash

The internet has been inspiring people to harness “main character energy” in their everyday lives. But what about your professional life?

Main character energy, for those who haven’t seen this TikTok trend, is the idea that you are the protagonist of your own story. Content creators are romanticising their lives while doing everyday things like staring thoughtfully out of a car window or walking to the shop with a carefully curated soundtrack in the background.

At this point, we all know how romanticising other people’s lives on social media is dangerous as it sets unrealistic expectations, but this trend doesn’t…

Pinterest and YouTube aren’t your enemies

Photo by Bram Naus on Unsplash, edited by the author

To say writing a novel isn’t easy would be a massive understatement. In fact, for many (including me) it’s so daunting that it paralyses writers, stopping us before we’ve even begun to get started. Instead, we distract ourselves with what we call planning. You know, those tasks that could be incredibly useful if we weren’t using them to procrastinate instead.

Confession time: my debut novel is currently 4,828 words long, and that’s a whole 2 years after starting it. And the worst part? That’s good considering my track record of starting and abandoning novel ideas over the last 8+ years…

The Empowerment and Struggles of Gaming Role Models

Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash

Fictional women have always empowered me more than reality. And while that may set unrealistic standards, I wouldn’t change that part of me. It’s who I am, flawed or not and it’s helped me learn to love and embrace my gender.

I recently talked about being a “not like other girls” girl and my internal misogyny growing up (check it out here!), but I wanted to expand on that sense of identity and explore both the benefits and damage that hanging onto my identity as a gamer has had on my adult life so far.

The Problematic Gamer Identity

A few years ago, I…

A Story of Internalised Misogyny

Photo by Sandra Molina on Unsplash

“What, are you like, a feminist now or something?” Those are the words my mum says to me whenever I speak to her about any equality issues we face as women. The distaste in these words never seems to fade, no matter how many times I’ve tried to convince her that if she believes in the equality of women - which I know she does - she is a feminist herself.

This is a journey I’ve embarked upon myself since becoming an adult.

Being a teenage girl is one of the greatest and most distressing learning experiences a woman can…

Samantha J Vincent

Content marketer by trade and storyteller by nature. I love to write about how gaming can empower women in every aspect of our lives.

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